Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

Mission Statement:
Strengthen the leadership and charitable commitment of youth in our community by providing opportunities to develop solutions to serious problems.

Youth Advisory History

In 1992, the trustees of the Community Foundation for Alger County created the Youth Advisory Committee in response to a challenge issued by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The Kellogg Foundation contributed a $500,000 grant to the Alger Regional Community Foundation to create an endowment to be managed for and by youth in Alger County. Therefore, YAC was established to identify needs, solicit grant proposals, and to make funding recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Thousands of dollars have been granted to local youth projects from the interest generated from the Kellogg Youth Endowment Fund.

What is Required of the Youth Advisory Committee?

  • Identify youth needs, assets, and opportunities in our community
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings [2-3 per year]
  • Make decisions about awarding grant funds to youth projects
  • Get involved in community service projects
  • Make a positive difference in Alger County

Youth Advisory Committee Members:

Munising YAC:

  • Suzette Carberry, Youth Advisor

Student Representatives:

  • Kiera Albright-8th grade
  • Ethan Petersen -8th grade
  • Ava Tebear-9th grade
  • Jack Carlson-9th grade
  • Elizabeth Wing-10th grade
  • Carson Kienitz-10th grade
  • Julia Prunick-11th grade
  • Tyler Nelson-11th grade
  • Monique Brisson-12th grade
  • Kane Nebel-12th grade
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