Giving to ARCF

Reasons to Give

When you support the Alger Regional Community Foundation, you help address a variety of needs in our community. ARCF offers unique ways for contributors to donate. Not only does the money you give today benefit our community now, it will continue supporting programs in the future.

How it Works

The original amount you donate will become part of our endowment and left untouched. It will be prudently invested and continue to grow as it gains interest and value. However, any monies earned above and beyond that principal will be awarded in the form of scholarships and grants to other nonprofit organizations within Alger County. With our variety of funds, you are bound to find at least one to match your charitable interests. Visit the ARCF Funds List to see our current funds.

Types of Funds

If you would like to start a new fund, there are several options you can consider: 

  1. Unrestricted Funds: Beneficiary is not specified at the time of the gift. The ARCF Board has the flexibility to support current priority needs no matter what they are or how the community’s needs have changed.
  2. Field-of-interest Funds: Designated for a particular area of interest such as “the arts,” or “children,” or the “elderly.” Does not limit grants to any particular organization.
  3. Scholarship Fund: Scholarships provide students with an opportunity to further their education or training.
  4. Designated Funds/Donor Advised Funds: You also have the option to support one or several non-profits. Example: You can specify you want a certain percentage annually to go to several different charities you may be passionate about, such as 50% to your church and 25% to the animal shelter and 25% to a scholarship.

If you or someone you know would like to make a contribution, please contact us at (906) 387-3900 or email us at

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