Grant Funds


  • Rotary Youth
    Established through a gift from the Munising Rotary Club to support youth activities in Alger County.
  • Youth Memorial Endowment
    Established to support youth of Alger County who may not otherwise be able to participate in activities or projects because of financial need. The annual ARCF Youth Memorial Golf Tournament supports this fund.
  • Marianne Evans Memorial
    Grants from this fund help defer the costs for students of Munising Public Schools in grades 5-8 to become involved in non-sports related cultural and educational activities.
  • Excellence in Education Endowment
    Established by an endowment from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to sustain the Excellence in Education Week activities. Earnings on this designated fund are pooled with the Marquette Community Foundation earnings to provide funding for student scholarships, professional development awards, and the award activities of EEW.
  • Grow & Lead: Community and Youth Development
    This agency endowment was created by GLCYD for the purpose of providing support to that organization.
  • MCFYP (Michigan Community Foundation Youth Program) Fund
    Established to support youth activities in Alger County. This endowed fund was created from the successful completion of the Youth Challenge Grants received from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, as well as gifts from other donors.
  • Corey Oas Fund
    Activities supported by this fund are advised by the Oas Family and support youth activities in Alger County.
  • Larissa Vartti Memorial
    Grants support activities and projects for running sports (such as cross country, and girls’ and boys’ track) in the Munising School system.
  • Billy Burke Youth Memorial Fishing Award
    Established to support and recognize youth who participate in the annual fishing tournament sponsored by the Alger Fish and Game Alliance. Grants are used to purchase trophies and provide prizes.

Environmental Awareness

  • ACE (Alger County Environmental) Fund
    Grants from this fund are for projects that will encourage balance between residential, commercial and recreational activities while sustaining a clean, safe, healthy, and productive environment.

Health & Human Services

  • Alger PHLAG / Healthy Youth & Seniors
    Originally designated for use in tobacco cessation programs, since 2008 community foundations are able to use this endowment for projects to encourage healthy youth and seniors.
  • Alger Christian Care
    Established through a gift from an anonymous donor as a way of extending assistance to Alger County residents experiencing temporary situational difficulties.
  • Charles H. Stark Law Enforcement & Public Safety
    Established by family and friends in memory of Judge Charles Stark. Grants from this fund help provide Alger County and the City of Munising law enforcement agencies with the tools, equipment, training, and other resources to support and improve public safety, especially water safety.

Community Development

  • Richard William Nebel Endowment Fund
    Family and friends of Richard created this fund in honor of his 70th birthday. The fund was established to provide support for projects that improve the aesthetic appearance of the community in order to spur economic development.
  • Fuzzy Boyak Memorial
    Fuzzy loved and supported many efforts in our community and his family wishes to continue those efforts.

Cultural Arts

  • Munising Senior Center Cultural Grant Fund
    Established by former Munising Senior Center members, this grant helps bring cultural activities and events to the Munising area.
  • J.E.A.N. (Bringing Joy, Enrichment, and the Arts to the North) Fund
  • Established in memory of Jean L. Mehlenbacher to support cultural events and to bring guest performances to Grand Marais.
  • Alger County Women’s Enrichment
    Established by a group of Alger County women interested in supporting activities designed to enrich the lives of women.


  • Alger County Operating / Administrative
    Established to support the administrative activities of ARCF.
  • Alger County Unrestricted
    Established as an unrestricted fund in support of activities designed to enhance opportunities in Alger County in the charitable, educational, recreational, environmental, cultural, or social welfare areas.
  • Peoples State Bank – Hometown Endowment Fund
    Established as an unrestricted fund in support of activities designed to enhance opportunities in Alger County in the charitable, educational, recreational, environmental, cultural, or social welfare areas.
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