Youth Advisory Committee 

Mission Statement:

Strengthen the leadership and charitable commitment of youth in our community by providing opportunities to develop solutions to serious problems.


  • Learns about youth needs and assets in your community
  • Makes decisions about granting funds to youth projects
  • Is involved in community service projects
  • Makes a difference in the community



In 1992, the trustees of the Community Foundation for Alger County created the Youth Advisory Committee in response to a challenge issued by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The Kellogg Foundation contributed a $500,000 to the Alger Regional Community Foundation to create an endowment to be managed for and by youth in Alger County. Therefore, YAC was established to identify needs, solicit grant proposals, and to make funding recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Thousands of dollars have been granted to local youth projects from the interest generated from the Kellogg Youth Endowment Fund.



  • Attendance at regularly scheduled meetings
  • Learning about youth needs and assets in the community
  • Making decisions about granting funds to youth projects
  • Involvement in community service
  • Openness to opportunities for personal growth and leadership
  • A desire to make a difference in the community


ARCF Youth Advisory Council Presents Grant to

Hockey Association


The Alger Regional Community Foundation Youth Advisory Committee presented a grant to the Munising Hockey Association, so they may purchase new rental skates.  In 2015 the YAC granted to the Munising Hockey Association to provide free skating time to youth.  This program  was so well attended that the Munising Hockey Association continue last year by doing fund raising and obtaining sponsors to provide for free skating.  They saw an increase in kids skating.

However the rental skates they have, are very worn and old, so they applied for a MCYFP grant from the Alger Regional Community Foundation, to purchase new rental skates.  By offering new skates for open skate and hockey, they are hoping to get more area youth and their families interested in the sport of hockey while also enjoying open skate as a recreational activity with healthy benefits.

Pictured: left- Daryn Johnson, Carly Lindquist, Sophia Rolfe- YAC members, Amy Westcomb -Vice President & John Maki- President of Munising Hockey Association, TJ Wing, Mitchell Scheiding, YAC memebers, Aaron VanLandschoot YAC Advisor.


Youth Advisory Committee Achievements

  • 2017 -Alger Parks & Rec – Insurance for Day Camp Bus Trips

  • 2017 – Munising Hockey Association – Purchase of Rental Skates for the Munising Ice Arena

  • 2016 – Liberty Children’s Art Project, To provider two full days of Art Curriculum to the AuTrain-Onota Schools

  • 2016 – Alger Parks and Recreation Department – To create an outdoor beach volleyball pit in the Robert McQuisten Park in Munising

  • 2015 – Munising Hockey Association, supporting the Pay for Ice Time to City Program

  • 2015 – LMAS District Health Department, funding to purchase books for distribution through the Alger County Baby (ABC) Closet Program

  • 2015 – Friends of the Munising Public Library, to aid in supporting the Reach Out and Read Program

  • 2015 – Alger County Youth, Leadership Training Program

  • 2014 – Alger Parks & Rec – $1,000.00.  To provide a Halloween event  and a Christmas event at the Community Center in Munising

  • 2014 – Superior Central Drama Organization – $2,000.00.  To purchase theater lighting and sound equipment

  • 2014 – Softball and Baseball organization for Munising and Superior Central – $1,000.00.  To help keep the Program Running

  • 2014 – Great Start Collaborative – $2,100.00.  To Build a Dramatic Play Center for Totville

  • 2013 – Granted $1,000 to the Girl Scouts of the North Western Great Lakes for the ‘Girl Scout Leadership Experience’

  • 2012 – Granted $2,250 to Superior Central’s Hoop House

  • 2012 – Granted $2,250 to Friends of Valley Spur for free Skiing Lessons

  • 2012 – Granted $2,500 to Munising Baptist School for the Community Soccer Field

  • 2011 – Granted $2,500 Safe Routes to School

  • 2011 – Granted $2,500 Burt Township Playground

  • 2011 – Granted $556 Hoopin with Hooper, Munising Public Schools



Aaron  VanLandschoot, Youth Advisor

Munising Student Representatives

Monique Brisson 7

Kane Nebel 7

Jenna Matson 8

Lori Mattson 8

Mitchell Schieding 9

Ainsley Bonevelle 9

Carly Lindquist 10

Bryce Bowerman 10

Daryn Johnson 11

Taylor Downs 11

Keira Stampfly 12

T.J. Wing 12


Bayshore Park Check

Grant check presented to Grand Marais Youth and Burt Township Officials for Bayshore Park Playground.

 Grant Deadline: April 1st

 Committee Grant Guidelines
  1. Does your grant fill an unmet need? The YAC looks favorably upon grants which provide new or sustained opportunities for youth in our community.
  2. Is your target population well defined? Who will your grant affect? How many? In what ways? The YAC generally looks favorably upon projects that serve a large audience of youth; however well defined quality projects that benefit a smaller audience are also considered.
  3. Does your grant-writing process involve youth? Can you show that youth have a vested interest in the project? The YAC looks favorably upon grants that include letters of support by youth, surveys, or evidence of youth focus groups. Ideally, projects initiated and grants written by youth themselves are preferable?
  4. Does your project have community support? Do your letters of support show direct relevance to the project? Do your letters of support come from variety of stakeholders? The YAC looks favorably on letters that enhance The Committee’s understanding of the project. Each letter of support should specify the author’s own involvement or the impact this project will have on them or their organization.
  5. Are partnerships and collaborations with other individuals or organizations described in your grant? What community resources will be involved in the project and how? The YAC looks favorably upon projects that bring multiple organizations and people together for a common goal.
  6. Is your project self-sustaining? The YAC guidelines state that the YAC can only fund a specific project once. Continual grant requests for the same projects will not be funded. The YAC is not a source of continual funding.
  7. Is your project goal well defined? The YAC looks favorably upon grants that are definitive in their requests. The narrative section should adequately detail the purpose of the project.
  8. Is your budget well defined? Specificity is especially important in the budget portion of the grant application. For example, be certain to specify how the funds are to be used, particularly those in the line item labeled “Other.”
  9. There are certain things that the YAC does not fund. These include personnel
    salaries and transportation for field trips, however we will consider funding for registration or admission fees. The YAC generally does not fund operating expenses.
  10. Have you made other attempts to secure additional sources of funding? The YAC looks favorably upon projects where the stakeholders have pursued other funds such as through fundraisers, donations, or other grants.
  11. Is your grant clearly written and legible? A well edited and neat grant shows that the grant writer has pride in the project. The YAC also welcomes a reasonable number of visual aids that enhance the committee’s understanding of the grant, such as photographs, pamphlets, or other non-electronic aids. However, visual aids should be relevant to the project.




YAC Approves Grants for
Two Local Youth Projects from ARCF

YAC two
The Youth Advisory Council of the Alger Regional Community Foundation presented two grant checks to help fund local youth projects. These two grants came from the Michigan Community Foundation Youth Program Fund, which was started with an initial grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The YAC has been in existence ever since and oversees the approval of grants from this fund.

The first grant is to the Liberty Children’s Art Project, who will be providing two full days of Art Curriculum to the AuTrain-Onota Schools. They do not have a regular art program at the school.

The second grant was to Alger Parks and Recreation Department to create an outdoor beach volleyball pit in the Robert McQuisten Park in Munising. Construction will begin in the spring.

Grant deadline for Alger Regional Community Foundation is coming up on April 1st. Applications for non-profits to apply for grants are available on the foundation website at or at the Community Center.